The Last Post


Its been just over a week since I returned from my Stateside Fellowship travels and it has taken this long to catch up with life on the Isle if Skye. What with a very excited collie to pick up and exercise (see above), unpacking, washing, bills, no phone line due to a BT engineering cock up, no oven due to a major electrical issue, loads of good folk wanting to hear my adventures, our Trust’s AGM, hockey and boyfriend taxiing for one of my daughters, a half a sheep being delivered (dead and for the freezer of course) and several dozen emails to answer.

As mentioned above lots of folk want to know what I have learned from my fellowship experience and my findings will be fully explored in my final report to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust but some areas that I will concentrate on are ways to encourage more rural enterprise and local food production including better marketing of provenance. “Buy local” campaigns are very successful in the US especially those that include training and events tailored to inspire a more divesified local economy and a Skye wide scheme could be a great initiative for the island. Stand out visits were a culinary school for the long term unemployed, young people and those recovering from illnesses, the alpaca farm in Martha’s Vineyard and the several country stores packed to the gunnels with products but also providing a valuable meeting point for the community.

I’ll post a link to my finished report in a few months time but til then a pretty sunset from earlier this year taken from my front garden.



2 thoughts on “The Last Post

  1. Welcome back. Glad you had a good experience and look forward to reading the report.

    Phil Thomas 2012 Fellow

  2. Just under half way through mine now. So glad you have had a great experience.

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