Breakfast with John Harvard

John Harvard with breakfast banana…

After a long journey and a two hour delay to get through US customs, their computers crashed, I am in hot hot hot Boston where it was 90oF on arrival. Two observations on my flight experience. One, why am I always in the seat behind the crying child and two, why does the flight attendant always dribble coffee on me? My mood on the plane was momentarily lifted by the guy doing his exercises in front of the toilets. Press ups, tai chi and toe touching, we had them all, and very entertaining it was too.

A deserted Harvard campus at 7am this morning….jet lag

It was great walking through Harvard last night and taking in the buzz of the Square while having a bite to eat. Mobile (sorry cell) has been purchased via Radio Shack and its a throw back to my first phone with just buttons and a tiny screen. So much easier without all that content.

Thanks to Neil and Amanda for letting me stay in their lovely house in Cambridge and to Judith who has been a perfect host.

Off on the train today to Portland, Maine and the first meetings this weekend.


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